IFB Dishwasher Service Centre in Delhi

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IFB Dishwasher Service Centre in Delhi

For all your problems related to IFB dishwashers, we serve as a one stop solution with our effective customer support. We offer complete repair services to IFB dishwashers in our service center in Delhi. Hence, customers having IFB dishwasher models need not bother any more if they happen to encounter problem with their device. IFB Service CenterWe are a reputed service center with high-end technicians who will resolve the problem in no time. We are known for offering the best IFB dishwasher repair services and hence our customers feel maximum satisfaction with our services. Whenever we undertake the repair, we first understand the ground problem faced by the customer with the device and then start providing them best possible solution. We offer first preference to customer satisfaction and come to us whenever your IFB dishwasher malfunctions.

Name: IFB Service Centre
Address: Delhi
Category: IFB Dishwasher Service Centre in Delhi
Phone: +91-9811-3431-36
Website: https://www.ifbservicecenter.com
Hours: Open Daily · 6.30 AM–10:00PM

Our specialties

We comprehend the fact that dishwashers are the must have in any commercial kitchen. When it is not working, it will bring a major headache, especially if you are a working woman. You routine activities could be blocked if this appliance breaks down. Hence, you should contact our service center in Delhi for your dishwasher repair. With our expert technicians, your device will be repaired and be back to its normal working condition within a short amount of time. Our experienced team of technicians will bring back your dishwasher in your kitchen.

We repair all models IFB Dishwasher

We repair almost all IFB dishwasher models including IFB 12 Place Settings Neptune DX Dishwasher, IFB Zephyr SX Dishwasher12 Place Settings, IFB Zephyr DX Dishwasher, IFB 12 Place Settings Neptune VX Dishwasher, etc. We also ensure offering very effective as well as fast repairs soon as you contact the experts in your best service center. Some of the frequent problems faced by the customers include, dishwasher not cleaning or the improper working of button or in few case, the blink or flashing of the light. Most often problems faced by our technicians include leakage from the motor area, dishwasher producing noise, not drying the dishes or not dispensing the soap properly, etc. We will deliver instant solution for all these kinds of issues. We strive to resolve the problem at the quickest possible time yet without compromising the work efficient and our quality. We will also get done with the work at the minimum cost.

4 comments on “IFB Dishwasher Service Centre in Delhi

  1. IFB Diswasher CLASSIC 2000 model . when switched on, power indicator is fluctuating and the dishwasher is not starting

    • Please call here 1800 3000 5678

  2. I purchased Ifb dishwasher about 10 years ago I want service it
    Please confirm thanks

    • For IFB authorised Service Center Please call on – 1860 208 5678

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